Good Morning!

I am so excited this morning!

Yesterday at the Publix Grocery Store here I found the Decaff Espresso Coffee I have been looking for. It has been well over a year since I bought my Espresso Coffee Pot and though I have been able to use it with the regular Espresso coffee I just couldn’t find the decaff. Now I can brew a pot of decaff Espresso and pour it over vanilla ice cream for a delicious creamy dessert. I can’t wait to make this for Norm and I. Ina Garten did this in one of her videos and we tried it with the regular Espresso and it was wonderful. However to use it at night I need the decaff Espresso. Norm doesn’t like to drink a lot of regular coffee at night. Our campfire coffee is of the decaff variety. So yes I am so very HAPPY!!!!!

Yes another laundry day is upon us and I started it at 6:10 this morning. I have between 8-10 loads to do. We will also pack away some of our stuff today. We are moving Wednesday to Scenic Mountain RV Park. We like to start early and that way we don’t feel rushed. It makes our lives easier and more fun.

Beautiful day here today though the temps have dropped some what. It sure reminds me of Spring. On our drive to Publix yesterday I noticed a lot of the trees have new growth on them and the leaves are that early Spring green. A lot of trees are in bloom too. Just beautiful and that makes me just want to smile.

On that note I need to go check my laundry.

Hope everyone has a Glorious Monday!


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