Dinner At Home


Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful morning here warm and a little windy. The birds are singing and that makes any morning special. We are suppose to have rain off and on all day so we took the Lily for an early morning walk. We were one of the few out but a few minutes after we got back a lot of people were out walking their pups. The kids are already out on their bikes. They just rode by.

Norm has already emptied our tanks and I’ve treated them. So that is the only chore we had to do today and it is now done! Awesome!

Dinner was delicious. Norm BBQ’d pork steaks and we also enjoyed a glass of wine with them. After dinner we had a campfire and talked about our trip and believe it or not Christmas Presents for the kids and grand kids. It was a beautiful night and the smoke from the campfire wasn’t chasing Norm around as it usually does.

Our bike ride yesterday was fun and we did go down to the beach area and Norm rescued another toy. This time it’s a dump type truck and he gave it to “Bob.” I took a picture of “Bob” and his new vehicle. He was all smiles!

I am headed to the coffee pot for another cup of coffee and then I am going to sit back and relax for awhile.

May all of you have a peaceful Sunday.



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