Road Trip


Good Morning!

Yesterday we took a road trip to Magnolia Plantation on I 75. We try to stop there every time we go past as they have some great snacking and baking items on sale there. Yesterday was no different though we did take a special road trip there for our goody run. Norm picked up 2 packages of the chocolate covered pecans and they were a little higher than last year. I also broke down and bought a 12 ounce bag of pecan pieces and they had also gone up in price. I like to use them in pecan-cinnamon rolls and other baked goods as well as in salads. The one great thing we found out is they do have diesel as well as gas and so we can stop and refuel as well as stock up on our goodies.

When we got back we took a bike ride after lunch and had a chance to try out the new exercise equipment they have installed in an area near the hiking trails. It was fun and I did do some video of that. A lot of the Georgia parks are putting these areas in. You have to be at least 14 years old to use the equipment and then only under adult supervision. If you’re 18 or older no supervision is necessary only remember you are on your own so use common sense when exercising please.

Today is another bike ride. This time over to the picnic area to get some more video and pictures of the area. We kind of rushed through it the other day so we are going back and maybe we will take a  walk on the beach.

Cloudy here this morning. As far as I know no rain in the forecast but that could change in  a blink of an eye. The camp ground is full and it’s nice to see so many people from all over enjoying the state parks. On our drive yesterday we saw a lot of trees in bloom. This one Red Bud tree was just beautiful. Spring has come to this part of Georgia.

Well it’s that time of day for Lily’s first walk and I sure could use another cup of coffee. I hope everyone has a Super Saturday!



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