Good Morning!

Awe Spring where are you?

That’s pretty much what my Mom is wondering. She’s had enough of this cold weather. She’s ready for sunshine and flowers blooming. Here in Georgia we’ve been Blessed with warm weather. Warm enough that the Tortoises came out of their burrows to eat and get some sun. Norm took some pictures and I tried for some video. Not sure how good I did on that.

Today is a road trip. We are going to our favorite stop on I 75 Magnolia Plantation! We are going so Norm can get some goodies to munch on and I can get some jams,jellies,syrups,nuts or condiments. They have a lot to choose from just wish the knats would not be such a pain there. Then we need to refuel the Ford and I need to mail some cards at a post office. We can then head back to our Lily and maybe sit outside or take a bike ride. We didn’t do one yesterday Norm had a lot of video editing to do so he worked on that.

Norm’s back is much better and he is almost back to normal! Yeah for us!

The coffee is wonderful and I would love to just curl up and read a good book but Lily needs her walk and we need to get on with our day.

Hope everyone has a pleasant and peaceful Friday.




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