Beautification Day


Good morning!

Yesterday was Lily’s beautification day. She’s never happy when she has to go to the puppy spa. Normally we take her to FiFi’s in Debary, Florida. If you are around that area they are wonderful groomers. So if you need a groomer check them out. The groomers we used here in Georgia were Happy Tailz Grooming in Hahira, Georgia. They are excellent groomers and Lily did great there. They did a great job grooming lily and the little bows were such a sweet touch. Of course Lily did her best to get rid of them by the time we returned to camp she had one almost all the way off her ear. She was very determined to get rid of that bow! She looked so adorable when we picked her up we just had to get some pictures. Glad we took these pictures before we put her in the truck. Yeah us!

Today is an in camp day. Norm has some video work to do and I am just going to do some odds and ends around the Kodiak. We may sit outside later as it is suppose to be up in the 80’s today. We may even work in a short bike ride too. Beautiful weather here at least for now it is.

I’ve been watching a DYI craftier on U-Tube and she has inspired me. There are a couple of her DYI projects I may try in the future. Her U-Tube Channel is Kelly Barlow Creations. I really am enjoying watching her use things you find at the Dollar Tree and make such unique home decor out of them.

Well I need another cup of coffee and Lily needs to take her first walk of the day. So I guess I better get a move on.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday.





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