“10 YEARS?”


Good Morning! Hope all of you are staying warm and toasty or cool and collected depending on where you are.

I started this Santa counted cross stitch 10 years ago. Now if any of you have done any counted cross stitch you know how tedious it can be. It’s fun to do but if anyone starts talking to you well there can be a lot of stitch removal afterward! That has happened so often to me that I only worked on this Santa when we were camping. So yes it is still a work in progress. I enjoy doing the counted and printed cross stitch, though I still have one of those I am trying to finish, but I like having some embroidery around too. That way I can achieve something neat while I work on a intense project. This is the best of both worlds. I can have the gratification of finishing a project quickly and the pleasure of seeing another come to life on my fabric. I love crafting and it gives me both the pleasure and a sense of accomplishment I need.

Today is Lily’s Spa Day! Yes she is going to the groomers and that pup of ours will not be a happy Lily by the time they are done. She will pout and it will take a lot of treats before she forgives us for this!

Norm hurt his back again when he bent over to pick up the trash bag. Hoping and praying he’s back to normal quickly. He hates having to use his cane.

Well I need to get a move on as Lily needs her walk and we have a ways to drive to the groomers. Then I-Hop for breakfast.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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