A Winter Night’s Sky


Good Morning!

I just couldn’t resist sharing with you this picture of a winter night’s sky here in Georgia. It’s a beautiful night and the sky looked so amazing with these clouds looking like they have snow in them. You keep looking up to see if the snow is going to fall. It didn’t and for that I am very grateful! I love how our rigs look with the moon shining on them and let’s not forget the bath house’s lights too. They made it easier to get these pictures.

Yesterday was grocery day. Well the hardest part of that was when we went to get printer’s ink and instead we bought a NEW printer. Can you believe that buying the new printer was so much cheaper than the ink for the one we had. The hardest part of this transaction is that they are identical printers!!!! Go figure! We are such a throw away society. That is the one thing I miss about the GOOD OLE DAYS when you bought stuff it lasted at least 10-20 years or even more!

I spent part of yesterday trying to get a hold of a groomer for Lily. Left a message but we finally figured out they were off for Presidents Day. So I will try again this morning.

There is a cardinal outside our window singing it’s beautiful song. Makes me smile.

We had some more Floridians move in yesterday. We met one of them a very nice lady. They couldn’t get into the Florida parks so they were like us and came to visit Georgia. Our Florida parks are full of Snow Birds at this time of year. I wonder why!

Today is Bathroom cleaning. One of my least favorite chores. It doesn’t take a lot of time it’s just I don’t enjoy doing it. Oh well that’s life. After that I can do the things I do enjoy. You know crafting,reading or just listening to music. We are suppose to get rain again today. So that makes it a good day to be inside.

Coffee time and devotions before we head out to walk the Lily.

I hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!



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