Our Night Sky


Good Morning!

Norm came in last night and said the moon is out. So I just had to go look and of course I had to take a few pictures of the moon. There is something magical about seeing the moon through the clouds.

I can remember when our space program was just beginning to talk about going to the moon. It seemed like something we could never achieve and yet we did. If we can work together to put a man on the moon why can’t we feed our hungry, house our homeless and take care of our elderly and our veterans. I think over the years we have forgotten what are the most important things in life. Loving your neighbor as yourself and helping those less fortunate or in dire need. As a whole we have become a self serving nation and that saddens me. I wonder what our Fore-Fathers think of these new generations of Americans. We’ve taken God out of just about everything and yet that is one of the core reasons this country was founded. That saddens me most of all. I continued to pray that we turn ourselves around but I don’t imagine that will happen any time soon. End of My Rant!

Today is grocery day. that makes for a long day. First you shop, load it, unload it and put it away. I think my fridge and pantries need to replenish themselves automatically. That would be such a time saver and I would never forget to purchase what we are out of. Of course I still believe the house should clean itself, the laundry wash,dry and put itself away and that our children should have come with Parenting Manuals! I think I would have loved the Jetson’s way of life. Push a button and it’s done! Awesome!

Well I need to get moving we are suppose to have rain today and the temperature is suppose to drop. I hope all of you stay warm and dry.



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