Is This A Dream?


Good morning!

We’ve been Nomads for over a 170 days now and there are still times I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. I ask myself am I really doing this? Then I walk by our door and look outside and smile because across the way is a bathhouse. So yes we are really doing this!

Hey having that bathhouse this close is awesome on laundry day but not so great when everyone is going in and out of the doors. Can’t they make doors that close quietly? Lily has to bark every time she hears that door bang shut and so does the little dog on the other side too and that can be a lot of barking and running to the door to see what’s going on. At least it tires our Lily out and then she takes a short nap. Well until the kids ride by on their bikes and she has to check them out too. She’s made friends with a few of the kids here and she looks for them when we go on her walks.

We hiked yesterday but left the bike ride till another day. All I wanted to do when we got back was to curl up with a good book. The hike was awesome just a lot of hills. It was a wonderful cardio workout and I am sure our Dr. would be very happy with us. We did spend some time on dirt roads driving to the trail entrance. We were able to see some of the back roads of Georgia trying to find that trail entrance too. The two interesting things we saw yesterday was a very large flock of Buzzards on the road and a black snake on the trail. No other wildlife did we see. We heard a lot of birds but we didn’t see more than a flash of a feather flying through the bushes.

Today is a stay at home Sunday. We each have a few things to do and then we will have a relaxing day here at home. Lily will be happy about that and so will we.

We feel we have been so blessed and are very grateful for all the family and friends who have encouraged us on our journey. Thank-you for all you kind thoughts and words they mean a lot to us.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.


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