Somethings Never Change


Good Morning!  Hope everyone is staying warm.

For those of you who know me well, know of my love of everything Strawberry. I have been decorating my kitchens for many years with strawberries. There was a time when these decorations were very hard to find. In one house of ours I even had strawberry wall-paper. Well here in the Kodiak I am not going to that extreme but I do have my strawberry canisters out and some of my other strawberry containers too. I love the strawberry motif. It is so bright and cheerful that it just makes me want to smile when I see it. So yes if I can I will add to my collection as we travel. Who knows what I may find along the way that has a Strawberry on it!

I am trying to decide if I want to try and raise a couple of pots of herbs. The thought of fresh Rosemary, basil or parsley has me considering it. Then again I am worried about the pots tipping over and I have a mess to clean up every time we move. I have seen many RVs that have pots of all kinds of plants with them from flowers to tomatoes. I am not that ambitious! So I am still trying to decide on whither to do this or not. Any suggestions?

We had a great time hiking and biking yesterday. It was fun to get out and explore. It was so peaceful. Since it’s the weekend we have a lot of families camping here and it is fun watching the kids on their bikes. This one little girl has a car seat on hers so her doll can go for a ride too. She’s so cute when she goes by with her dolly riding in her seat. Yes we were able to sit outside yesterday and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Today is chore day and then a hike and another bike ride if the rain holds off.

Well I better get started Lily needs her walk and I can already hear the kids on their bikes.

Have a good week-end.



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  1. I have several live plants in our rv. They are in ceramic pots that I stick down with museum putty from Amazon. They stay put when we move and are thriving! I know some people just put them in their sink when they move but I worry about them rolling around. Good luck!


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