Good Morning from Georgia!

The sun is shining and after breakfast we are going on a hike and then later a bike ride. Of course we have to get the bikes down and that is always fun and sure entertainment for the other campers!

Our pet peeves last night was the water pressure and a stray dog. We almost filled our water tanks and turned on our pump just to have enough water pressure to take a shower. Later we had good water pressure guess everyone was using the water earlier and that caused our problem. We will see how that goes today. Then this dog just shows up with no collar on and visits different campsites then we gather he goes home. We met him when we were walking Lily. She was ready to defend and we had to pick her up and carry her. He looks well cared for so the campground hosts figures he lives near by.

We took our Lily for a long walk down by the lake. Two guys showed up with a speed boat and one of them took it out on the lake and put it through it’s paces. We figured they must be working on it and were making sure it was repaired. Nice looking boat.

Here is one of the treasures I just couldn’t and wouldn’t get rid of. I bought this deer picture for Norm for Father’s Day one year from a Home Interiors party that Marg had so many years ago. This picture has been in all our homes and that includes our Kodiak. I love the soft muted colors of the picture. It goes so well with our home decor.  It is only one of a few things I kept to hang on our walls. Our Kodiak doesn’t have that many walls to decorate. So I take advantage of the ones it does have.

Here’s hoping everyone had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. Norm BBQ’d for us and as always it was delicious. I made brownies with a lot of nuts in them. That’s the way Norm likes them.

Wishing everyone a great Friday.



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