Happy Valentine’s Day!


Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day from Reed Bingham  S.P. here in Georgia. Hoping all of you have a wonderful day full of fun and laughter, candy and flowers don’t hurt either.

Well this is my Bar area and as you can see it has a little Valentine’s decoration on it. Most of my decorations are in our storage unit in Florida so I am having to be creative or minimalistic this year and that’s just fine with me. Less to pack for moving day! Of course that will change when we head out next year.

Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day here. It may even get up in the 60’s. Everything is turning that Spring green and the trees are either blooming or in bud. So wonderful to see. We saw a lot of pot holes,rail road tracks and speed bumps on our way here as well as farmers working in their fields. It was a beautiful drive only wish the roads had been better. Our clock jumped off the wall and landed behind the couch on Norm’s afghan that had decided to hide there. At least it didn’t break! Then when Norm decided to retrieve it his chair fully reclined and his arm was caught between the chair and the wall. That took some maneuvering to get him unstuck! No camera was handy so no pictures or video, sorry! Then the cabinet over the bed on his side was trying to dump all his clothes out. Thank heavens for child proof latches. They may not work against kids but they do prevent clothes from escaping!

The park is pretty and we are going to do some planning today on what hikes to take and when to get our bikes down,grocery shop and get Lily groomed. Lily being groomed is stressful to me. This will be the first time any one has groomed her but the people at FiFi’s in DeBary , Fl. Wish us luck on this.

Well I still have devotions,exercising and a Lily walk to do not to mention I really need another cup of coffee. I stayed up late reading a book. It was just to good to put down! I am a sucker for a good book. Now I want the whole series and that may take some time to acquire.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.






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