Inside Our Truck


Good Morning!

Today is moving day! Thank heavens it isn’t raining!

It’s also been a year since our Zoe passed. We miss her a lot and so does our Lily. She was a sweet and loving dog.

I decided today I’d tell you what I carry in our truck when we are on the move. There is quite a lot of stuff we carry. Most of it is to make our trips more enjoyable.

In the back seat Lily has her afghan and a large cover that goes over the seat to make it more comfortable for her. Yes she is spoiled!!! We have 2 coolers(soft body) in the floorboard. One has her treats,water and dish in it. The other one has our snacks and drinks, Coffee, Tea and Water. We also have our “Life Binder” that has all our important information in it. Such as our medical information and Lily’s vet information. Also my purse and a first aid kit. Under the back seats are the rubber gloves used at the dump station, our rain ponchos and our hunting vests. On the floor is Norm’s cane. In the seat back pockets, is the truck and trailer binder and my Bible. Of course there are Lily’s leashes,harness and her coat if it’s cold out. Our coats ride back there too.

In the front seat we carry Norm’s personal items in his door and in my door are the wet ones, my camera, phone and cd case etc. On the floor I have 2 blue carriers. One has our meds in it and the other has my journal, pens and other items I need while traveling. We also have a box of tissues.

When we travel we use the Garmen  and Norm syncs it up with Miss Google so we know how the traffic is as we go along. This is our GPS line up and it works for us. He also has the GO-PRO in the front window and I use my camera to film as we go along. We try not to miss anything as the Journey is one of the best parts of this Adventure we are on.

I am sure I missed a few things like our mugs we carry and so on but it gives you and idea of what it takes for us to be Happy and Comfortable in our travels. Now a lot of these things stay in the truck. That makes loading and unloading the truck more efficient.

Well I need to get a move on as Lily needs her walk and I need another cup of coffee.

Here’s hoping all of you have a wonderful Wednesday.



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