Good Morning!

Hope everyone has a pleasant Tuesday. We have a few errands to do today. Refueling the Ford and Walmart. Yes we forgot the bug spray and I need to get some milk. With a small refrigerator you have to replenish certain items more often but that’s okay it’s just part of our Nomad life.

Journaling is part of my daily actives. Though some days it’s just the date, day of the week and how the weather was. It all depends on what has or is happening at the time. There are just some things that are hard to put down on paper and you may not write about them till a much later date. That’s acceptable and even later you may decide not to write about it at all. That’s the great thing about having a journal you put in it what you want not what you feel you must. It is one of the things in life that is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!!!! I love using colored pens and stickers to fit my moods and yes I do get moody at times. My journal handles my moods just fine. In my journal I can whine,be angry,happy or sad and no one can tell me that I am just fine and to get over it. See the journal doesn’t talk back and that is a Blessing. So yes I love my journals and I am so glad I have them. I got these new ones at the Dollar Tree. I really like the covers on them. I couldn’t find any colored pens I liked though. Oh well will keep looking.

A part of the Nomad life that takes some planning is how to get your mail. Our mail service is great but we have to be  parked at a place for a few weeks so we can have things shipped to us. That can be a little stressful at times but we always find away to get it done.

Norm is concerned that our bathroom faucet maybe leaking. We will watch it and see. We had planned to replace it but that project was for later this year. Now it may have to be sooner.

Well I need another cup of coffee and then it’s shower time and walk the Lily time so we can get on with our day. I knew I should have used a bigger Coffee mug this morning. We are suppose to have rain later so I had better get a move on.


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