Girl Scout Cookie Time


Good morning!

Yes it’s a rainy morning here. We had rain come in at 2 a.m. and now it’s just misty out. Here’s hoping that everyone stays safe and warm today. Mom says she’s having rain that is suppose to turn to snow. She’s so ready for Spring!

I started my laundry at 6:15 a.m. as I have at least 8 loads to do. Having campfires does tend to make more laundry. It’s the smoke smell and with all the pollen I decided to do all the afghans and our outer wear today and that adds a couple more loads of laundry. It’s fine though, the bath house is just across the road and that’s where the laundry is. I also plan to take down some of my decorations today. Makes for an easier pack day tomorrow as we also have a few errands to run.

About those Girl Scout Cookies well we were ask if we wanted to buy some at several stores the other day and we just couldn’t resist. So we bought two boxes. One is Norm’s favorite and the other is mine.  We are enjoying them with coffee after dinner. Nice treat. Yum!!!!

It’s fun to see the family pictures on Social Media. The kids are so cute and we never tire of seeing all that cuteness!

Okay have you ever noticed that when you decide NOT to put on make-up or curl your hair that is when you meet people and end up taking pictures? The whole time we are taking pictures I’m thinking to myself  I knew I should have put my face on and did my hair! Oh well to late now and we had just went for a bike ride and met a couple who follow us on Social Media. It sure is a small world.  It was great meeting them  and we enjoyed visiting with them.

Well I need to get moving Laundry waits for no one!




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