Good Morning!

The pollen is a mess here. If you sit outside everything gets covered in it and that includes your shoes,sunglasses,phone and coffee cup. I use my thermal one because it has a lid. No Pollen allowed in My COFFEE!!!

We are planning on a short bike ride later this morning. The weather is okay not 70’s or 80’s okay but in the 60’s. So no freezing while we ride. Then we will put them on the bike wing on the Kodiak. We are beginning our packing process to be able to move on Valentine’s Day. Less to pack means less stress on moving day and that is always a blessing.

A lot of campers will be leaving today. Check out here is noon. We’ve met a few who are from Florida and we enjoyed visiting with them. Hope they have a safe trip home.

Yesterday we ran a few errands and Norm got the new game he was wanting and I picked up a plaque and some floss to stitch with. I am planning to start stitching some new tea towels for my kitchen. Will get them out of the truck storage today.

Hearing the birds makes me realize Lily will want her walk soon. so I better get a move on. I can also hear what sounds like a boat motor on the lake. Those guys like to start early.

Today we plan to take it easy and just enjoy the day and we hope you can too.


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