Dinner Time


Good Morning hope everyone is staying warm.

After a busy day I did oven fried chicken and fried noodles. It’s pretty simple when I use a pack of ramen noodles to make it. I may do a cooking video soon and I’ll try and include the fried noodles recipe in it.

Our day at the Okefenokee Swamp Park was a very enjoyable day. We paid for both the boat and train tours and we were very glad we did. On our boat tour we were blessed to be the only ones on it and our guide really knew the area. He was a wealth of information and personable too. The train ride was interesting and we were able to see a replica of an old time homestead. The weather was great and made our excursion even better. We did see several trees in bloom. Norm and I were happy to see the gators, turtles and have a hawk fly by. Did you know that part of the Pitcher Plant can be used as a survivor food? We understand it tastes horrendous though.  Then we headed home to enjoy the rest of our day with the Lily. later we went for a Lily walk and met a couple from DeBary, Fl. We had a most enjoyable visit with them.

Today a few errands and a stop at Game Stop and Hobby Lobby. Yep Norm has decided on a game he wants and I want to look at craft things and they are all in the same plaza. It’s a win win for us. We are planning another relaxing day though Norm does have some video work to finish.

Guess I need to get moving Lily needs her morning walk. I just need COFFEE!!!



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