The Invisible Web


Good Morning!

By now everyone knows about Norm’s hate for anything with a Spider attached. Well yesterday he found a spider web on a tree that looked so neat in the sun that he just had to take a picture. Well it took him many tries before he got the one he wanted. The unique thing about this web, besides the fact there wasn’t a spider at home was all the pollen that was on it. Spider webs are so intricate and beautiful but add a dusting of pollen and they look even more amazing!  So here he is trying to get that perfect shot.

After this photo shoot we moved on to see where the road would take us and for all you golfing fans we ended up at the golf course. It was a beautiful day to play a round of golf and there were several groups doing just that. Others were at the driving range and they all looked like they were back in school and the teacher was grading them on just how well they swung their club and how far that little ball flew! Whew, I wonder when the test is and  just how well they scored. As you can tell I don’t play golf unless the mini kind counts. I place golf in the same category as fishing and tennis. I just don’t have the patience to pursue any of these sports. I’d rather be biking,hiking or reading. Less stress for me and that’s  the way I like it.

Well we did make it to Hoboken and I was able to drop off my mail. It took us about 10 minutes to drive through town. A very small town! There was a beautiful mural on one of the buildings though and we made sure to get some video of that. Then back to camp to spend a relaxing day. Later Norm helped a man and his wife park their 5th wheel. Of course it’s a Montana which is our favorite. That campsite has caused everyone who parks there a lot of problems trying to get onto the site. There’s this pole on one side that makes it difficult to maneuver your rig to get it backed in. Well they got it in. Yeah! We have had a lot of people move in yesterday and a lot more will move in today as it is suppose to be a nice week-end here.

Guess I need to get off here and get busy.

Happy Friday.




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