Lost In Thought?


We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner last night and though Norm may look lost in thought he was just admiring an old family photo that was on the wall. We had an enjoyable evening. Our server was wonderful and the food was very good. Our conversations revolved around our trips for the next 5 years and the time frame for each of them. You know how to miss the snow and ice of the Northern states and still make it to our destination safely and in a timely fashion. It takes a lot of thought and planning to do that and Norm is very good at this. Then we talked about solar and a generator for our rig and when to install them. So yes it was an interesting evening.

Later though Norm bent over to put on his sock and shoe and his hip popped out of socket and then right back in. He was in a lot of pain. He is better today but still sore and he will be using his cane for awhile. We are headed to Hoboken, Georgia today. It’s a town about the size of Birch Tree, Missouri.

Though yesterday had a lot of ups and downs we still had an enjoyable day. We enjoyed sitting outside with the Lily and just relaxing. I did go through my nail polishes and threw away some of them. It was time. That was my big chore for the day other than the dishes.

I can hear the birds outside and I know it’s almost time to take the Lily for her walk so I better get moving.



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