Welcome To Our Home


Welcome to our Kodiak.

It’s comfortable though some times it’s a little cluttered as we tend to not put everything back in its place. There’s a computer on our dining/work table and shoes on the floor and an afghan or two in case your chilly, so yes this is home. It feels great to have a warm and inviting place to return to after a day of exploring.

Of course cleaning it takes a little time but that’s okay at least it’s not 11 rooms I am having to clean. Moving day can be intense sometimes but once we are on the road it’s great and of course parking and set up can also be intense but again once it’s done we’re fine. I decide a head of time just how many things I will put out. If we are here for a couple of days then I don’t decorate and only the necessities are brought out. When we are settled for a longer period of time then I go all out with the decorating.

Am I happy living this way? The answer to that is yes. There are days when I get frustrated with the lack of storage or counter space to put things and that’s when I look out the window and see a lake or a forest and I just have to smile. That view and Norm’s smile is what makes this all worth while.  I’m not sure Lily feels the same way as we have discovered she likes walking on Pavement only!

Last evening while we were waiting for the sun to set a Father,friend and his sons had their speed boat out on the lake and they were having a great time seeing how fast they could go. Norm and I sat there watching them and hearing the laughter of the children on board we commented to ourselves that our son-n-law would be the one doing that and our grandson would be the one up in the front laughing and yelling  go faster!!!

It was a beautiful evening and a wonderful way to end the our day .


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