A Beautiful Morning


Looking out our window at the mist rising off the lake as the sun is peeking through the trees is just beautiful. The perfect way to begin another day and a cup of coffee is a must too!

Today is a chore day here at home. Norm has some video work to do and I am cleaning. We are suppose to get up into the 70’s later today so sitting outside is a must. Though I must admit I don’t enjoy the attention we receive from the KNAT population. They are so annoying!!!!! Hey I would love a short bike ride later.

Yesterday we did the grocery shop and Norm did find an ax he wanted. Oh Cyberspace decided to play havoc with the filling of Norm’s prescription but the Walmart here was able to take care of it quickly and efficiently. Yeah for us! So the groceries are done and storing them was a FUN chore for me but be very careful opening our cabinet doors for awhile. In other words enter at your own risk!

My back is much better and I am able to return to my morning routine and that is a blessing.

The campground hosts are driving by. They are checking on how many campers are leaving today.  Then they go and clean the campsites. The campground hosts here are efficient and friendly. That is always a plus. We have met some grumpy ones and we’ve wondered why are they doing this. We gather it’s for the free camp site.

It’s time to take Miss Lily for her morning walk and make breakfast. I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


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