October Plans


Good Morning!

The birds are singing, I heard a train whistle in the distance and the lake looks so calm and peaceful this morning. The park only has a few of us visiting today. It is so neat to look out the window and see the lake and I never get tired of the view. There is a sign warning you about gators though so no swimming but in the designated area. That happens to be in the picnic area.

Okay this week I do have to make a couple of appointments for October. I know that is many months away but time does have away of flying by and I figure I better get this done before I forget it. My Doctor wants me to have a bone density screening and a mammogram this year. That’s fine with me but she didn’t give me the hard copies so I could have it done where ever I am. Instead she gave it to the group she works with. So I have to schedule these with  them and they are only located in Central Florida. I am not back there till mid October. I figure I will not be having these screenings until the week of my Doctor’s appointment. So she will have to let me know by phone the results. The main reason I need to call this week is these screening times fill up fast and they called me to set them up but I didn’t have my full schedule at the time. Will try and take care of this tomorrow.

Today is grocery and errand day. Hope we are not going to be gone all day. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty day and I would like to sit outside awhile if we can. We had a nice campfire last night even though we had some wet wood that put out a lot of smoke. It still was nice sitting out there. No bugs and it wasn’t to cold or to hot. I made hot chocolate and we had that while enjoying the peace and quite. A pleasant evening for sure.

Well I hope everyone had a fun Super Bowl Sunday and no I don’t have a clue who won!


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