Crafting RV Style


Good morning from a very rainy Georgia. We feel sorry for all those campers who have to pack,hitch and dump their tanks in this down pour and we really feel for those in tents! It’s not suppose to slack off till noon or so and a lot of these people left everything outside so it is soaked! We’ve moved and set up in this and believe me it is No Fun!

I am sure the Groundhog saw his shadow yesterday as we did have some sunshine. So I guess if the old saw holds true it’s 6 more weeks of bad weather. Spring isn’t till March and can’t come soon enough for my Mom!

Yesterday I did some crafting. I repaired some of my jewelry and went through my supplies. What I found was that I had left at least half of it in our storage unit in Florida and I was unable to fix somethings because what I needed wasn’t here. So I will make a craft run to Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Walmart and get what I need. That will be fun just have to remind myself not to go on a craft shopping spree!!!

My back is a lot better today and I am grateful for that. Having two of us with back issues isn’t a good thing. I am sure that in a couple of days I’ll be completely back to normal but until then I’m taking it easy.

Well I need COFFEE so I am going to stop here for today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday and may the Best Team Win!



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