Home Is Where We Park It


Good Morning!

I love this picture of our home. It has been an adventure getting here. The Lord has truly blessed us and we are very grateful for all he has done. Some days I just can’t believe that we are seeing and doing the things we have always dreamed of. My Mom says that about her Holy Land visit. She says that it feels like a dream and she wonders if she really did it. Yes,  dreams do come true and wishes too. So be careful what you wish for!

We have a full campground this weekend. Lots of kids having fun even with it raining off and on. Should be an interesting weekend.

Yesterday while fixing dinner I bent over and hurt my lower back so for today my exercises are on hold. I have also decided to do some jewelry repair today and then maybe I will try to do that puzzle Jon got me for Christmas since I haven’t figured it out yet. Hey I may even try Norm’s puzzle too! We will see.

It’s raining again so today is a good day to stay in. This coming week we are suppose to be in the 80’s according to the weather people. Awesome I won’t have to bundle up to go exploring. Should be fun. We met an interesting couple that live near here and were enjoying the park when we went on our bike ride yesterday. We had a pleasant conversation with them I just forgot to get their names. I hate to admit that I am bad for that. Enough rambling!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.




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