I Can Help!


Good Morning!

It’s in the 40’s and we do plan to get the bikes down later. It’s cloudy here today with a chance of rain later. Norm was saying that we have a 90% chance of rain this evening. I went out and took some pictures a little while ago and the camp was just beginning to awaken. I could hear the birds and a lone train whistle. Peaceful!

I took this picture of Lily because she’s so adorable when she does this. Lily watching Norm get her Treats out of the drawer. She has to make sure he does it right and gets her the right treat. Though what she really wants is for him to just open the drawer and let her help herself! Yes Lily is spoiled!

In this park we do have a sewer on site and Norm flushed our grey tanks yesterday morning. We try to flush the black at least once every two weeks but to flush the grey you have to fill the tank from the inside and then go out and open up the valve and that takes time, water and an on sewer site. Yeah, Norm got it done and the tanks are treated and working great.

This is also a 30 amp site and we are a 50 amp coach. So we had to use a dog bone/electrical adapter to make it so we can use the site. What that means is we have to be more aware of what appliances, lights and electrical equipment we are using. In other words don’t use the microwave with the fireplace and heater on at the same time. It can get tricky when I am in the kitchen and trying to get a meal done and yes I have forgotten several times and Norm has had to reset us at the pole! All in all it works but I do try to find out the amps of our site before we get there and that seems to help me remember NOT to use my blow dryer on High!!!!

As much as I would love to just sit here and stare out the window at the lake I need to get moving. Even though we are retired Lily needs a walk and breakfast will not make itself and do the dishes afterwards. Nope that’s all on me so I need to get up and do it.

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Friday.



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