Good Morning from Laura S. Walker S.P. in Georgia.

Yes it is cold here this morning. We’ve had freeze warnings the last few nights. Yesterday when we went to bring in our slide there was ice on it from the rain the day before. Lily wore her heavy winter coat for the second time this year. She’s not real impressed with that coat but it keeps her warm!

While traveling  we have seen some Spring flowers in bloom and some trees in full bud. Last week we did see one tree in full bloom. The flowers were white and it was beautiful to see them.

The view out of our back windows is beautiful. We have an awesome view of the lake. It looks so peaceful. I can hear the birds and even a far away train whistle.

There are a lot of campers here and we can see why this park has a lot to offer them. There is a dock so you can go out on the lake and we do see canoes and kayaks here. There are hiking trails but only one is open do to flooding. We may try that one sometime while we are here. There are cabins and a golf course too. Of course a picnic area with a playground. So we have a lot of exploring to do while we are here. We want to visit a couple of the towns here too. Old buildings and historic places are fun to see and we enjoy exploring and of course taking pictures and video of them.

Norm has some video projects he wants to finish and I plan to put out the rest of my decorations and do some blog posts. With it being so cold we decided to just stay home and work on these instead of going exploring.

Well time to walk the Lily and make breakfast.

Hope everyone stays warm and toasty today.






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