Norm’s Nuts


Good Morning!

It’s moving day!!!!

Yeah, so glad we only have a hour or so drive to the next park. That means no rushing to get out of here and on the road. The great thing about the next few parks is that they all have a SEWER on site!!! We don’t have to use our blue tank. It’s always a BLESSING when you have a sewer on site. Yes I know I am to excited about this but that’s okay. It just means I don’t have to be so concerned about our water consumption. That’s a good thing. Longer showers!

Okay Norm just had to collect these Hickory Nuts at one of the parks we visited in Florida. He’s been waiting for them to dry out so he can crack them. Well folks I don’t know if you have ever tried to crack a Hickory nut or a Black walnut but those shells are a pain to get open. You normally have to use a hammer and then the shells tend to shatter into a million pieces. Yes, I have had a lot of experience with these growing up on a farm in rural Missouri. Well Norm with hammer in hand tried to get these nuts open and they shattered so he threw them out in the woods and around our campsite and we had a lot of squirrels come to visit! Free Food no preparation needed! Score one for the Squirrels!

Well I had better get moving so we can get on the road today. Lily needs her walk ,we need breakfast and I really need more coffee!

Hope all of you have a terrific Wednesday.



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