Good Morning!

Hope all of you are staying warm and toasty. We are scheduled for rain and colder temperatures today. So we are planning on doing a few errands and then finish the inside packing.

Awe packing! This time we had 2 days to pack. We started yesterday because of the weather changing. As you can imagine we don’t like to pack anything wet if we can avoid it. Sometimes that is not an option and you rush around at your next stop to get everything out so it can dry. Whew that can be a lot of work too! Norm only has a few things left and I have somethings here inside that I need to store in the cabinets and drawers most of what is left I can’t put away because we are using it (coffee pot). Tomorrow I will be moving things into the bedroom for the trip to our next stop on our Journey here in Georgia. We are looking forward to the move. It is another new park and it is always fun to explore the park and the surrounding area. Lily enjoys the new smells and has to explore as many trees,bushes and campsites as she can get to while on her leash.

Sometimes it takes Norm awhile to figure out just how he is going to store everything in the truck and the Kodiak’s bay but he always gets it done and sometimes he even has room left over. He does an awesome job!

I need to get a move on so we can get our day moving. Lily needs her walk and I have to figure out breakfast. Not sure what I am in the mood to fix. Yesterday it was sausages and french toast. One of Norm’s favorite breakfast meals. This is one of those days you feel like a it’s a donut day and I don’t keep them in the RV. Oh well enough of that.

Here’s hoping all of you have an awesome Tuesday!



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  1. Hi Phyllis my name is Frank from out back Frank blog I really like the way your layout looks on your site I’m new to all this and was wondering if you could give me a couple of tips any feedback would be appreciated thanks.


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