Good Morning!

Yes I do exercise. I try to exercise for at least 5 to 10 minutes every morning. I use the books I bought so many years ago. I even have a yoga mat now. I began exercising when we started on our Journey back in August of last year. There have been a few days I haven’t been able to exercise for one reason or another but I do try to exercise everyday. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something and that is a good feeling to have. Now if I could just get back on track with my eating habits that would be awesome. I go through this every January and by February I am back on track. I like to blame the Holiday goodies for that!

Well yesterday I went through my handbags and totes and got rid of 4 of them. I even hurried and walked them to the dumpster so I couldn’t change my mind! Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of things but I am learning to let go. So today I will be redoing a container or two in the truck and moving my laundry supplies out there to clear up more space under the sink.

On Wednesday we are moving to new park. I am very excited about that. General Coffee S.P. is a beautiful park and I would like to visit here again but I am ready to move on.  If you’re in Georgia and are looking for a very nice park to stay in I would highly recommend General Coffee S.P. in Douglas, Georgia.

Well I had better get off of here as Miss lily needs her morning walk.

Hope everyone has an awesome Monday.


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