Look What I Found!


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is staying warm and toasty. We are trying though today I need to do a load of laundry. We had a campfire last night and now our hoodies smell of smoke. Norm is on tank emptying detail this morning too. After that we will be able to just have a relaxing day.

I cleaned out our under the bed storage yesterday and found things I forgot I had brought with us. Our wedding picture, minus the frame, was just one of them. I also found some pictures of the family and they brought back some fond memories. We  have our daughters wedding albums with us too. Some of the stuff I couldn’t remember why we brought and others were just to precious to leave in our storage unit. It is now cleaned and repacked and ready for us to keep journeying on.

I did manage to redo my closet,overhead cabinets and the drawers in the bedroom too. Here’s hoping that I won’t be redoing them any time soon. Doing all of this takes a lot of time and energy that I would rather spend exploring or reading a good book. Oh doing all of this I did find my bottle of Hard As Nails and for once it was where it should have been only I was in a hurry to find it and didn’t see it there with the other nail polishes. Silly me! That will teach me to assume I lost something and not take my time looking for it. When will I ever learn!

Well the only wildlife we have seen here at the park are squirrels and a few birds. We had hoped that we would see more. We do hear an owl and a hawk sometimes but have yet to see them. Oh well maybe the next park will have more photo friendly wildlife and the again maybe not!

I need to get a move on I seem to be in slow motion today. I am going to blame that on the cold weather!

Hope everyone has a warm and enjoyable Sunday.



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