Good morning! Hope everyone is doing great this morning. Here in Georgia it is cold and a day for many cups of coffee!

Have you ever looked in your purse and found that over the years the wallet you adored has finally wore out. That happened to me a few months ago. Well I went to our storage and brought out a couple of old wallets but they didn’t work out. So the hunt for a new wallet had begun.  It’s hard to find that perfect wallet. You know the one that holds all the things you need to carry with you at all times and fits into all you handbags and totes and looks awesome to boot. Well yesterday after a long, long search I finally found that wallet I have been looking for. It was the only one like it that they had left and it was 50% off the price. You can bet I bought that wallet as quickly as I could get the money out of my old wallet! So yes I am a Happy Camper and when I got home the first thing I did besides take Lily for a walk and eat lunch was to move my stuff into my new wallet and throw the old one out. Oh, I almost bought a set of handbags yesterday too. They were lovely and named Alysa but I just couldn’t spend the money right then. It seems another lady there was having the same issues as me over the same set of bags.

Planning to redo my under the bed storage today. I am not exactly sure just what I have under there any more. Time to find out. Then I am planning on some closet and cabinet rearranging of clothes and things too. So it should be a busy day.

Still have to exercise, walk Lily and decide on what we are having for breakfast. So I guess I had better get to it.

Hope you have an enjoyable Saturday.



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