Good morning!

For the first time in many months I slept in. It’s rainy here today and turning colder. We had a beautiful day yesterday warm and sunny. Today however is on the bleak, rainy and cold side. Georgia reminds me of Florida with the weather changes.

Have you ever noticed how weather affects you? Sunny weather makes you cheerful and full of hope and dreary weather makes you sad and moody. Same here only we watch the weather daily especially if we are getting ready to move our Kodiak. I personally don’t enjoy towing our Kodiak if it’s real windy or rainy. A lot has to do with swaying of the Kodiak when the wind blows. Now though with the F350 we  don’t notice it as much I know it is still there and it does make me nervous. Rain is another thing people don’t seem to remember how to drive in or what they were taught in Driver’s Ed about pulling out in front of large trucks or trucks pulling trailers. When we are hitched we are 48 feet long and several thousand pounds and that does not stop on a dime and give back change people! Yet there is always that one vehicle that will pull out in front of you and poke along or cut you off! So yes I do get aggravated a lot with our fellow motorists. Oh they do this when it’s sunny too. It just doesn’t affect me as much though I usually call them a few names and I always check to make sure I am not recording at that time. Okay end of my RANT for the day!

Another thing about the weather we are in Georgia early because of Hurricane Michael and we will be here for several months as we wait for the ever elusive Spring to come to the states further north. Then we will move on heading to Iowa and enjoying the states we pass through on the way.

We are going into town later for lunch it’s my birthday. Yes I actually made it to 63 today. I remember thinking that was really old and now I think your as young as you feel. How my thinking has changed about a lot of things. Guess that means I finally grew up.

Hope everyone has a great Friday.




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