A New Style!!!


Good morning!

I can hear the train going through. That lonesome whistle blowing making you wonder just where is it going.

Lyssa is a wonderful stylist. She did an awesome job on my hair as you can see. She’s kind and caring. Lyssa asks a lot of questions so she knows exactly what you want. Then she proceeds to do an amazing cut and color. It’s exactly what I wanted! Lyssa is a stylist at A Cut Above in Douglas, Georgia. I would recommend that if you need your hair done and you are in Douglas, Georgia or near by you call and make an appointment with her. She’s wonderful! I love the way my hair looks and I feel so relieved that I only will be wearing my HATS as a fashion accessory not because of a lot of bad hair days!!! HAPPY ME!!!!

Another chore day is upon us. Norm’s emptying our tanks and putting child proof latches on the rest of the cabinet doors. No more stuff abandoning the RV cabinets when we go over rail road tracks, speed bumps or pot holes. Yeah!!! That lid is still MIA and I found out yesterday that my Hard As Nails isn’t where I normally keep it either! Let the hunt begin! I am on laundry detail and redoing a few containers in the truck. Hey the weather person says we may get in the 70’s today. Then tomorrow it drops back down again. Georgia weather reminds me of Florida weather. It can’t seem to make it’s mind up on whether it wants to be Winter or Spring!

Haven’t crafted in awhile but I may start this week end. We have a few things planned for the next few days so yes I have to put crafting on my calendar sometimes. Oh well that just means we are out having a good time.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. Stay safe and warm.





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