Bad Hair Go Away


Good morning!

Still cold here but we are actually enjoying it. We have our winter gear and a nice warm RV and we are set. Even Lily wore her winter coat yesterday. Just grateful no snow or ice! We hope everyone stays safe and warm today.

Today’s the day for a new hair style change for me. As you can see it’s quite shaggy and unruly so it needs some TLC. Norm also decided that today was a great day to video me exercising and of course I am not looking my best. Very funny Norm!

Yesterday we hiked around 5 miles. It was fun and we agreed who needs a gym membership when you can hike the hills of Georgia, Tenn. and Missouri. Kind of made you think of the pirate movies. One of the guys on there said something similar.

Norm’s doing the post office and bank (laundry money) run for me today while I am getting my hair done. He’s such a sweetie!

Well most of the campers are gone and we pretty much have the place to ourselves. We just wish we could see some wildlife here. We’ve seen 1 squirrel and a few birds since we arrived. We have been at other parks that are like this too. We guess there are just to many people and their dogs around. Oh well I keep hoping to see some deer, a raccoon or even some more squirrels.

Well today will be a busy day so I need to get moving. Lily needs her walk and we need to eat breakfast.

Here’s hoping all of you have an amazing Tuesday.





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