Good morning!

I found this poem many years ago in a book called the Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. It’s a great book and I have used many of the ideas in there.

I wanted to post this poem for all the Mothers out there, especially my 2 daughters who are doing an awesome job with their families. I know it is a lot harder to raise your children in these times than it was in ours. Every generation has it’s challenges but in today’s world they seem to be more intense and scary. This is the one job that is the hardest to do but comes with the greatest rewards.

Wanted: Mothers

We are hiring mothers and we need them right away!
You must be filled with peace and joy and vow that you will stay.
You must appreciate a flower when it’s given without a stem,
Marvel at an ugly rock as if it were a gem.
You must possess a wealth of love, be wise, controlled, alert.
Have management ability and make a good dessert.
Expertise in fiance and a flair for decorating.
Knowledge of psychiatry and Band-Aid applicating.
Willing to accommodate pet relationships,
Detective skills in cases like missing chocolate chips.
Qualified and competent in diplomatic circles, adolescent counseling,
in short performing miracles.
Adept in kissing bruises and using rocking chairs,
Capable of handling community affairs.
A magician in the kitchen with a pound of hamburger.
An ability to touch a cheek and know its temperature.
If you think that you qualify and you’ve had experience
And you understand completely that you make a difference
Between a world that’s filled with fear and a world that’s full of joy,
Call us now, we want you to be in our employ.

I hope everyone appreciates you and remembers to say I love you to their Mother today.


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