Wind In The Trees


Good Morning!

It has dropped 4 degrees since Norm was out at 6 am. So it’s beginning to feel like winter here. Yesterday we were able to sit outside in the afternoon in just shirt sleeves and it was wonderful. Then the wind started to pick up and cool everything down and we moved inside the Kodiak. Then the wind started to really pick up and right before bedtime it started to rain and that was the beginning of the cold front moving through. So today we are outside only to walk the Lily or to take out the trash till this evening when we BBQ and have a campfire and campfire coffee. The weather people say we are only suppose to have this weather for 3 days. We shall see!

I have decided to get my hair cut and some highlights put in it on Tuesday. As you know I have been having an on going love/hate relationship with my hair. I am excited about having this done. Now I have to get back in the groove of exercise and eating right again. Holidays play havoc with this every year!

Today being Sunday we only do a few jobs in the RV and the rest of the day we are going to relax. I think that is a good way to spend a Sunday. I am sure Norm will be playing his game and Lily will be snoozing on the theater seats most of the day. I will read,craft or do puzzles. Just depends on my mood.

Calling Mom now earlier her phone wasn’t working right.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.






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