Good morning!

My bike is named after Zoe. I miss her a lot especially when I see a white cutie running around the parks doing the things she did. However when I bought my bike I didn’t realize the bar was so high. Because of the bar it is hard for me to get on and off the bike. So to get on or off I have to lay the bike down on it’s side. Very inconvenient especially if you’re in a hurry to dismount. That’s how I fell at Lake Louisa. Other than that my bike rides like a dream.

As I was writing a couple of cards this morning, to mail, I realize how easy and how hard it is to stay in touch with people. We all assume that everyone has a cell phone,lap top or an internet access of some kind. That’s not always true. There are many people who can’t afford the above and have to rely on their land line for a phone and on the US Mail Service to receive information from businesses or those they love. I enjoy sending cards and letters and I also enjoy receiving them. There is something about a card or letter that makes you feel special. Someone took the time to remember you and write you. With all our hectic lives that means a lot  to me. There is one down side to this though and that is finding a post office to mail my letters and cards at. We do find them and I do get my mail sent.

Today is empty the tanks and grocery shop day. Not all that exciting really. Yesterday we took a short hike and it was interesting trying to figure out what had happened along the trail. We saw a lot of burned, dead and cut down trees. It made for some interesting conversation along the way. We also found a few Gopher Tortoise burrows. Most seemed deserted. Only one seemed occupied. We were glad we hiked in the morning as it started to rain shortly after we got back from taking the trash to the dumpster. We are suppose to have rain today and our temperatures are suppose to drop. Glad we have our coats,gloves and hats. Lily is ready too she has several coats to choose from.

Well I need to get moving so we can get on with our day. Hope everyone has a good Saturday.

Stay warm and dry.


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