Good morning from Georgia!

As you can see Miss Lily is very comfortable on my side of the theater seats. If I go get another cup of coffee she takes over. When I come back it’s the battle of the chair and I only win because I can pick her up and move her. Lily rules!

Our Kodiak is a very comfortable home for a tiny house. You do have to put things away as soon as you are done with them or it does look cluttered. Well I did redo 2 cabinets yesterday and NO LID did I find. We think it maybe under the center console on our theater seats and that would be a pain to look there. We would have to take them out to do that and we are not ready to move them. I keep hoping I am wrong and it’ll come out of hiding on it’s own. Probably wishful thinking on my part.

Today we plan to take the 1 1/2 mile hike that starts right across from our campsite. Suppose to be a loop trail so we should start and finish in the same place. Convenient for us. Today the week-end campers will arrive. Most of the sites around us have reserved tags on them. Oh there is a play ground here in camp. When the kids were little that was a blessing for us. Especially if it was close to our campsite.

We have owls somewhere near by. We haven’t seen them yet but we can hear them. We also have a cat that came roaming through don’t let the Lily see that. It will be barking and growling time even after it’s moved on! Also we can hear the lonesome train whistles in the distance. I’ve always loved that sound. Well with that said I had better get off here and take Lily for her morning walk.

Happy Friday. Hope everyone has a good week-end.



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