First Stop


Good morning!

No this stop isn’t England and we are not on the Love Train! Yes I did listen to that song recently. Home Free sings it and it’s a lot of fun to listen to.

Our first stop is General Coffee SP here in Georgia on our way to Iowa. But  don’t worry there are quite a few parks here in Georgia we plan to visit before we head up to Tenn. There are a lot of places and things we want to see and do before we move out of this state. Norm and I are looking forward to being tourists for a change. We get to annoy all the residents  by our driving,parking,and picture taking. Sounds like fun to us!

Yesterday was a beautiful day for traveling. That is if you can ignore the bumpy roads,train tracks and Miss Garmin saying she’s not sure about this road for RVs. However our stop for lunch was an Eye opening experience! Cabinets that have never opened before opened and I had molasses and other things now riding on my theater seating across the room from the cabinet. Hey, that cabinet even shut it’s own door after it threw everything it could out of it. Was it the train tracks or the bumps in the road we may never know but child proof latches are going on all the cabinet doors and drawers in the Kodiak whether they need them or not!!! The most heart wrenching thing to go missing is the lid to my canister set Norm bought me in Branson at Silver Dollar City for our first anniversary. I pray it comes home soon from where ever it is hiding.

Our campsite is wonderful after you get the Kodiak past the tree and into the site though that made bringing out the awning a chore for Norm. We only have it out part way do to another tree being right there. So we put up our screen room with it’s cover on over the picnic table. It makes a nice place to cook or even have lunch if it’s warm enough out there.

Today is a finish setting up day for me and we will decide what we want to do for the 14 days we are here. They have some nice hiking trails and even a small farm here in the park. I’ve also seen 2 playgrounds and there are cabins you can rent. Not sure what the pricing is on those. So should be a lot of fun.

Guess I need to get off here and take Miss Lily for her morning walk and then onto breakfast and the rest of our day.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Thursday.



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