Moving On


Good morning! Today is the day we have been waiting for, our move to Georgia. This day has been a long time coming and then again it seems like we just started planning for this yesterday. We are ready to begin our 2019 Adventure but hey Florida we will be back in October to spend the holidays with you.

Of course getting on the road means dumping and treating our tanks. I treat both the black water and the grey water tanks. For the black tank I started using Campa-Chem. A few months ago I began using it and I really like the way it works. I get it in Walmart’s R V section. For my grey tank I use a 1/4 cup each of white vinegar,baking soda and epson salt. I treat both my kitchen sink and the bathroom sink so I put half of the above amount in each of them. Which is like an 1/8 of a cup in each sink. I also use epson salt in my dish water along with Dawn dish washing liquid. Oh Dawn is great for cleaning my make-up brushes and sponges. I learned that from my daughter Steph. I think our Kodiak is ready for our move to Georgia and we are too.

So I’ll get off here. We still have to take Lily for a walk and have breakfast then our 2019 Journey can begin!




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