Good morning everyone. Hope you have a great Tuesday.

We have discovered that our plans are not set in stone! It seems that each day what we have decided to do we only get to do about a third of it. I wasn’t able to drive this week-end or yesterday either as it took longer getting our Ford’s oil change and the rest of our errands done than we had planned. Today is out too because we have to go back to Walmart and pick up my last prescription and fill up the Ford. Diesel is great one tank and we will be able to travel well beyond our destination tomorrow. So driving the Ford will have to wait till Georgia.

We have also discovered that being retired means we are busier than ever. We’ve spoken to other retires and they say the same thing. Boy does time fly when your having fun!!!!!

We all know that Family is people we love and it doesn’t matter if they are blood kin or not. Well Bob has claimed a family here in the Kodiak. He has joined the family of dolls and their friends that have decided to go with us on our Journey. On the wall is a picture of Bob’s extended family. Do any of them look familiar? Yes Bob does have a tendency to claim everyone.

So Welcome to the family Bob! We sincerely hope we survive your many adventurers. I think I am grateful the Christmas Elves were unable to visit us this past year. Who knows what mischief the three of them would have gotten into. Guess we will see if they make it this December. Should I be worried? Nah I’ll wait till November 30th to do that!

Now I’m wondering will Cupid drop in or a Leprechaun with a pot of gold covered chocolates or maybe the Easter Bunny! Oh my this year’s holidays are looking Brighter already thanks to Bob!!!


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