Coffee Time


Good morning!

Here’s hoping everyone is warm and dry. I talked to my Mom in Missouri and she said it’s very cold and she has ice. Hopefully she will stay inside today. She’s 96 and stubborn and likes to do things for herself so I do worry as she lives alone still.

Today is take the Ford to the dealer for an oil change before we head to Georgia on Wednesday. There are a few other errand we are going to do while we are out. Then back to camp so I can do a load of laundry(don’t want to take campfire smoke with us) or two this afternoon and just maybe I can get some driving in today. If not I will drive tomorrow. Yeah Me!!!!!

In Kentucky they have the Bourbon Trail and we plan to visit quite a few of the distilleries there. I would love to see a Coffee Trail! Can you just imagine being able to see how it’s grown and processed and being able to taste all the different kinds of COFFEE! That would just be so amazing to me. Gone With The Wynns put out a video on the coffee plantations they were able to visit and the coffee they were able to try. I have to admit I was wishing I was there trying the coffee with them. Yes I love,love, love coffee. The taste and the smell is wonderful and soothing to me. A great way to start or end a day is with a wonderful cup of black coffee. Okay, every now and again I do add a little half-n-half to it but that’s not very often. We have a thermos( though it’s not called that anymore) so I can carry my coffee with me when we are on the move. Happy wife!  Happy life!

Well I need to get off here. Lily needs her walk and we need breakfast before we head to Ford.

Wishing everyone a great Monday and an awesome Week.




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  1. There is a Bourbon distillery in Frankford,KY. The name of the distillery is Buffalo Trace Distillery. Bill and I took a tour of the distillery when we where visiting friends that live in Lexington, KY.


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