Our Last Sunday In Florida!


Good morning!

We hope all of you in the states that have been hit with the Winter Weather are staying safe and warm.

Today we are going to visit our daughter and her family to pick up our “NEW” drivers licenses before we leave Florida on Wednesday. The reason for the new license is that our domicile residence changed. Our mailing address is still the same!!!

Yesterday we did our errands but I decided to drive our truck Monday or Tuesday because the park is full of families this week-end. My worst nightmare is a child running or biking out in front of me and I can’t stop. So I’ll wait to drive when there are fewer people in the park. We also stopped at the Starke KOA and had our propane tank filled. The Kodiak does have 2 propane tanks and I am grateful for that as the tank went out while I was cooking.

One of my pet peeves as you know are pets not on leashes. Well two dogs not on a leash went at each other yesterday. The owners did get them a part and we don’t think the dogs were hurt. Our thoughts were what if that had been a smaller dog it went at or a child and since these were big dogs that would not have been pretty. There are rules here for a reason and that’s to keep everyone safe and sound.

Well tomorrow I need to do a load or two of laundry. We’ve had a couple of campfires and I don’t want the smoke smell to go with us to Georgia. I have discovered that next to fuel our laundry costs are one of our major expenses. For one thing you never know from one park to the next what they will be charging for the washer or dryer and the same holds true for the laundromats. I have paid as little as $1.50 per load up to $5.75 per load and have seen the prices be even more than that at certain laundromats. I prefer to do our laundry at camp. At least while the clothes are washing or drying I can clean or do other things around the Kodiak.

Norm and I had considered putting in a washer/dryer combo when we renovated our Kodiak but in the end we decided we needed the storage space more. Maybe someday I’ll have one but until then I’ll just keep on smiling and doing our laundry hopefully at camp!

We are very excited to be leaving Florida on Wednesday and start our 2019 Journey. The count down has begun 3 days till we pull out for Georgia and I do so hope they have a Welcome to Georgia sign for me to film.


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