Good morning. I hope all of you in the states with extreme weather are staying safe and warm.

Norm and I don’t often talk about our goals though we do have a few of them. As most of you know we are on U-Tube and several other forms of Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram and our web site. We are very grateful for all of our Followers and Subscribers.  We are hoping that all of you that haven’t subscribed to our U-Tube channel will and help us reach our goal of 1100 subscribers. Thank you for coming along on our journey.

This morning is an errand day and then back to camp so I can drive our truck for the first time since we bought her. I am very excited every time I thought I would get the chance something came up and prevented me from driving her.  Then I need to get on the computer to do some e-mails and look at pictures for my Blog posts. That will be fun as I will get to see all the pictures we’ve taken since our Full Time Adventurer began.

Yesterday we didn’t take the 12 mile round trip bike ride into to town. It was only in the 60’s and with the wind it felt quite cool. Norm’s asthma has been bothering him thanks to the pine trees blooming and we decided to save this ride for December. So we rode up to the picnic area and had our selfie taken with the Moss Man. Now poor old Moss Man needs to be repaired. His frame is beginning to show and that’s not good for his self esteem. We also came back to camp and got the Lily and the truck and drove up there so she could have a new place to walk and new smells to sniff. She was not that impressed!

Well I guess I need to get moving Lily needs her morning walk and I could really use another cup of coffee.

Happy Saturday!




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