What Is That Thing On My Tail?????


Here’s poor Lily lounging on the theater seats and “Bob” decides that Lily’s tail looks like a comfortable place to take a nap. As you can see Lily is defiantly not impressed with Bob! We keep warning him that eventually Lily will have enough of his antics and he will become a chew toy. Though she might give him to Gwen, Gavin’s new puppy, instead. Either way Bob you would loose and we might not be able to save you this time. We all know that Gwen loves to chew things. Just ask Steph about her favorite pair of shoes!

This week we were able to do parts of the Florida trail. Norm realized that we have done all of that trail that goes through Mike Roess Gold Head Branch SP. Yeah for us! We only do parts of the trail that goes through Camp Blanding. We did get to the lake there but we had to take another part of the trail to get there do to the water. It’s a beautiful lake. So peaceful.

This week I had a Dr. visit and received a good report and Norm visited the dentist and his report was good too. Made for a very long day with the travel times and having to take Lily with us. We were gone almost 13 hours yesterday, like I said a very long day. I forgot to mention the 2 heart stopping moments of that drive home. One when passing a truck pulling a trailer and all of a sudden we see a car speeding towards us. Thank heaven our F350 can move!!!!! Then here at camp Norm almost rolled the F350  into our Kodiak! I was so glad to get out of the truck and into the RV.  We were so grateful to be home!

We were suppose to go on the bike trail today but our temps have dropped and we decided not to go. We may do a little hiking here in the park though. We do have to get our yearly picture with the Moss Man!

Hope everyone stays warm and toasty today.

Happy Friday!


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