Time Management


Good morning! Today we are headed to Deland,Deltona,and Orange City, Fl. for doctor and dentist visits. We are also going to the Walmart there to get some of the supplies we couldn’t get here. Lily is with us since this will be an all day adventure. We have to leave early since we are 2 to 2 1/2 hours away. So our time management this morning is a get up and move!

We have noticed since we retired that our management of time seems to depend on how far away we have to drive or how long the bike ride or hike is going to take us. That’s when we decide just when we will need to leave. So on some moving days we are very laid back about having another cup of coffee, taking Lily on a real long morning walk or talking with the neighbors. Then we happen to look at the time and realize that we are not going to make our start time that we had set for us. So we hurry to do everything and as usual these are the times you feel like you are going in slow motion. We maybe a little rushed but we still arrive around the time we had set. Now the days of the slide malfunctions and such those days we were just glad to get on the road and arrive safely to our next destination.

Long drives we do go according to plan. That means we get up and we get moving. Usually on these days we are leaving the park before on or even before the time we set. We prefer the before but on time is good too.So those days we have prepacked everything we possibly could and coffee is in the thermos so I am a happy traveler and water and tea are in the coolers for Norm and Lily.

We may complain about not getting on the road on time but we are all smiles as we exit the park! We are always so excited about our next destination and all the things we will see on the way there. It’s the Journey that makes the Adventurer so special for us.

Time Passes and that’s okay with us as we have planned to enjoy this time together. So you see it doesn’t matter to us the pace we go as long as we keep Journeying On!



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