Good morning.

Yesterday was an interesting day. We started it hiking the Florida Trail at Camp Blanding. We met a nice young man who was on his morning run and had an interesting conversation with him. Then we hiked to the lake and another part of the trail then we hiked back to our truck. We were glad to see they had brought in rock for the parking area.  No more getting stuck in the sand! Yeah!! We returned to camp and later as we were sitting outside we heard a thud and when we went to see what had happened this motor coach had a hole in the top cap courtesy of a tree limb. Norm helped the couple and I went over after the major action was over and met them. A very nice couple that had just bought their rig. The damage is repairable and we wish them the best.

Today is another chore day and Norm is out emptying  our waste water tanks. I will be cleaning later.

I have most of my craft supplies with me. I did leave the paints,ceramic and plaster pieces at the storage unit. These we will get in October, maybe?

Since I do several types of crafts I not only have supplies in the truck but also in the Kodiak. Very convenient for when I am ready to craft. My only concern at the moment is that over our years of camping I have crocheted and knitted a lot of doll clothes and now I have the time to put them all together, but will they fit the newer versions of Barbie and Ken. A few weeks ago I put together a doll dress and it didn’t fit the new Barbie I have. I realize I have a lot of patterns that are from the 50’s, 60’s,70’s and so on and the dolls back then were smaller in size. Not so much the height but all the other areas. So now it’s put the clothes together and see just what doll they will fit. Kind of sad but I will figure out just what needles or hooks I need to use to make the next group of clothes fit the modern dolls. I do so love a challenge!

Crafting to me is like doing a puzzle. Some patterns are very easy to do and some can take a very long time to figure out but that’s the fun of it. If I get to frustrated I take a break and do some stitching for awhile.

I would love to hear if you’re crafting and what are you making.

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday.







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