Good Morning!

As you can see in the picture Norm does all our video,Facebook and Instagram posts. I do my blog posts and I do a lot of filming for our videos. However it’s Norm who sits for hours at a time going through all the pictures and videos of our adventurers and travels. He uses an outline to decide just what pictures and videos will best fit into the format he’s decided on for this video. After he puts it all together, which can take several days and several hours each day, we sit and watch it deciding on whether we like it the way it is or do we need to cut back part or add more to it. Then it’s onto the back ground music and that can also take some time to find the right music to fit the video. If it needs some voice overs done we do those so he can then insert them and finally the wording is placed on some of the pictures. So yes this is a long drawn out process and after all this he renders it and we watch it again and again critiquing it until we think it’s as good as we can humanly get it. Then he will upload the video and it’s a wrap! While he is doing all of this he is still putting out a Facebook and Instagram post every day too.

I am very proud of Norm for the excellent job he does! He puts in many hours on his posts and I am very grateful that he enjoys doing all of it. He’s one of a kind and I am so glad that we are able to make this journey together.


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