Here We Go Again!


That’s right here we go again trying to get everything stored in an easy manageable way. This is one of my on going projects, just when I think I’ve got it all figured out we go over a bump in the road and I open a cabinet and everything comes flying out at me! That’s when I have to rethink the storage issues again and again and again! I will get this all figured out eventually but you know I don’t have a lot of patience and there is always something more fun or interesting to do than organize the cabinets!!! Okay enough whining for today.

Yesterday was chore day and the only chore I did get done was the laundry and then Mother Nature decided I needed to walk back to our campsite in a downpour with the wind blowing and my dry clothes in the dog stroller with the clothes basket on top trying to keep them dry. Here I am pushing the cart as fast I can down the hill holding my umbrella and trying not to slip and fall and I bet I was a very funny sight to see. While I was doing that Norm was at camp trying to rescue the laundry on our drying racks and get them into the RV before they were soaked. Well what started out just damp did become wet and we still have the drying racks here in our living room. So we are a little cramped at the moment. Today is suppose to be a dry day though the temps have dropped. So we will put them back outside to finish drying.

So today I will be cleaning! Fun!

Happy Birthday to Norm. I am so glad I met you 40 plus years ago! Love you!

Time to walk the Lily and make us some breakfast. Hope all of you have an interesting Saturday.


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