Polar Bear Rally


Yes we are at our favorite park here in Florida. For the last 3 years we’ve come here we have seen a lot of off rode motorcycles and we finally asked about them. They have this Rally where they are given GPS coordinates to follow  and they can then ride their motorcycles on the trails through the forests. They seem to have a lot of fun doing this. We have seen a lot of people show up with a lot of firewood this year. There will be some nice campfires today and tonight!

Today is chore day for us. Laundry,cleaning,and Norm changing the kitchen faucet out. The old one is shot and we have a new one to replace it with. Just like in your home things do wear out and you have to replace them. January of 2018, before we became RV nomads, we went camping and when we got home the dishwasher had a hole in the bottom and we had to replace it and the garbage disposable. Neither of these things were very old at the time but when you use things they do wear out. Things are not made to last anymore.

We enjoy sitting outside and so does our Lily. Our oldest daughter gave us her child fence and we added another set of panels to it and now our Lily can go out and not have to have her harness on. We no longer have to keep her on a leash when we are in camp and she can get down off her stool and get a drink or roam around if she wants to. Of course going on walks she wears her harness and is on leash.

I can hear the motorcycles going by, hope they have a good ride today. We are suppose to have some rain though. So they will probably enjoy that too.

I guess I had better get off here and get started with my day. Lily needs her walk and I want to start the first of my many loads of laundry.

Happy Friday.




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